About Us​

Red Building Capital is dedicated to connecting global blockchain projects with traditional  capital/family office funds. To explore not only innovations but also revolutionary technologies to power the entire ecosystem. We strive to identify quality projects and talents, and to invest in a better future.

Compared to traditional capitalism, blockchain economics is a highly decentralized ecosystem, fundraising for outstanding projects has a limited window. RBCap has the right industry resources and expertise in this highly competitive space to bringing and screening such information to investors in Taiwan, as well as across Asia.

RBC is well connected to proven project owners, crypto funds, and traditional institutions. Our mission is to bridge reality and digital value together, and to build a decentralized world with the support from the centralized world.

紅樓資本(RBC) 致力於在對接國際上優質的區塊鏈項目和台灣具有實力的傳統世界/家族辦公室資金,佈局下一個產業革命的底層技術和生態環境,在區塊鏈的投資領域中尋找具有創新思維以及開拓精神的實力團隊與其成為合作方或是投資夥伴,引進台灣和台灣公司產業做更深度的參與和共創生態。