Red Building Capital

To be the bridge of reality and digital value.

To be the hub between the centralized and decentralized world.

About Us​

Red Building Capital is dedicated to connecting global blockchain projects with traditional  capital/family office funds. To explore not only innovations but also revolutionary technologies to power the entire ecosystem. We strive to identify quality projects and talents, and to invest in a better future.

Compared to traditional capitalism, blockchain economics is a highly decentralized ecosystem, fundraising for outstanding projects has a limited window. RBCap has the right industry resources and expertise in this highly competitive space to bringing and screening such information to investors in Taiwan, as well as across Asia.

RBC is well connected to proven project owners, crypto funds, and traditional institutions. Our mission is to bridge reality and digital value together, and to build a decentralized world with the support from the centralized world.


Ivan Li

Ivan is Co-founder & CEO of Red Building Capital, the very first one and leading crypto fund based in Taiwan. Try to bridge reality and crypto world, to let people see what he already saw. Serial entrepreneur, from traditional value to innovative work. Found and operate the famous fast-food brand “Captain Lobster”, which made monthly highest revenue record in Taiwan fast-food history. Former TSMC R&D, top one semi-conductor manufacturer in the world. Fully knowledge of investments in either first market or secondary market. Moreover, he’s well connected in communities among Taiwan, China and also south east Asia. Carry those traditional resource and meet those Blockchain innovators.

Denny Yang

Denny is Co-founder & CTO of Red Building Capital, the very first one and leading crypto fund based in Taiwan. Especially on development of ecosystem, he organized and gathered a lot of partners with passionate to build workable DAPP, called “EOS Taiwan”. Building some operated DAPP like eosworldmap, Anker, Lelego on mainnet. Ex-manager associated in Quanta cloud computing BU, he has 5 years exper-iences in internet and infrastructure, good at project developing and tea-mwork coordinating. Looking forward to seeing bright future of combining blockchain technology and traditional internet technology, especially the company has new type tokenomic with intention econ-omic based on original business model. Trying to introduce the good project in worldwide via RBCapital, and push good team project in Taiwan to international arena.


Dennis Chen

Dennis is Co-founder & CFO of Red Building Capital, the very first one and leading crypto fund based in Taiwan. Raised in western world which makes him open minded and willing to challenge. Supply-chain specialist, moreover, outstanding risk management. How to maximize profit with reasonable risk taking is what he always good at.
The current president of Neo Vision International Trade Co., Ltd. and the Executive Director of Zeus Trading Logistic, also the executive assistant of the President of Fly-Over Capital, co-founder of BVI: Hexagon Capital and VP of Global Investment.
Besides, Dennis has great vision toward new trends and inclusiveness because of his ㄌextensive investments in Asia such as China, Japan, Vietnam and Combodia.


Accelerating Project


Passport is a blockchain-based solution that aims to allow transparency and remove friction in the travel ecosystem. The solution envisions to become the de facto travel currency for the $8.3 trillion dollar global travel economy. Passport’s first application through the flagship partner – handy wallet platform will reach 146 million travelers and cover close to 10% of all hotel rooms worldwide, which is equivalent to the size of the world’s fifth largest hotel chain.


Brands will use the simplyBrand platform to request brand-protection services.
Human Layer will directly report counterfeit products, or work with the AI to verify the authenticity of E-commerce products. Human layer would consist of crowd-source participants and third-party service providers who do the enforcement job.
The simplyBrand platform will combine AI, human ingenuity and blockchain tech-nology which will be used to create an immutable “blacklist” of counterfeit product.
The SBA tokens within the blockchain will incentivize human layer to utilize the simplyBrand platform.

Investment Portfolio