Accelerating Project


Passport is a blockchain-based solution that aims to allow transparency and remove friction in the travel ecosystem. The solution envisions to become the de facto travel currency for the $8.3 trillion dollar global travel economy. Passport’s first application through the flagship partner – handy wallet platform will reach 146 million travelers and cover close to 10% of all hotel rooms worldwide, which is equivalent to the size of the world’s fifth largest hotel chain.


Brands will use the simplyBrand platform to request brand-protection services.
Human Layer will directly report counterfeit products, or work with the AI to verify the authenticity of E-commerce products. Human layer would consist of crowd-source participants and third-party service providers who do the enforcement job.
The simplyBrand platform will combine AI, human ingenuity and blockchain tech-nology which will be used to create an immutable “blacklist” of counterfeit product.
The SBA tokens within the blockchain will incentivize human layer to utilize the simplyBrand platform.