Ivan Li

Founding Partner
Ivan is the co-founder of Red Building Capital (“RBC”). The company’s name Red Building is the symbolic building in his high school, which is ranked as the best high school in Taiwan. He holds his bachelor degree and master degree in material science specializing in semiconductor from National Taiwan University (“NTU”). During his years in NTU, he published his research paper on innovative ways to improve semiconductor layer deposition on international platform. After graduated from NTU, Ivan worked as a R&D engineer developing 20nm chips in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (“TSMC”).    Ivan is a serial entrepreneur who has startup experiences in Shanghai, Berlin, and Taiwan. He has led a team of more than 20 people in China, and has more than 10 years of experience in stock market. Since the founding of RBC, Ivan has been sharing blockchain’s disruptive innovation on TED talk, acting as a key note speaker explaining the breakthroughs, the application and the new digital economy created by blockchain technology in NTU, Hewlett-Packard (“HP”) and other organizations. In 2017, Ivan actively started to participated in international conferences and exhibitions in Silicon Valley, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, etc. Through years of connections in the industry and the global experiences, he gains access to many high-quality projects and was able to invest in the early stage.    Ivan’s past experiences on blockchain and early stage investment help him decipher the market trends and identify companies with potential to become unicorns. Ivan strongly believes that “A calculated risk is worth taking as long as the return is high enough; You should consider to take that opportunity every time when it comes.” Over time, an excessive return can often be obtained.    Ivan has more than 4 years of experiences in blockchain’s primary deals. Through investment in industrial blockchain technology and Web 3.0 startups, he has earned 30x profits. He believes that blockchain technology cannot only serve as a new technical solution, but also create a new economic model, which is worth advocating.  RBC has attracted over 8 million U.S. dollars investment in six months, and this makes investing and participating in the growth of early stage future startup unicorns possible. This fund also helps those companies solidify their foundation and progress. In this era, the boundary between the real world and the virtual reality has become blurry and will likely to merge into one in the near future. RBC will continue to stand at the forefront to collaboratively create value with startups and help them connect with global market.

Denny Yang

Founding Partner
Before the establishment of Red Building Capital, DENNY was the reserve cadre and design supervisor of Quanta Cloud Department of the world's top 500 server hardware manufacturing company. He has five years of experience in Internet and cloud infrastructure construction. He is good at project development and teamwork. , Has in-depth cooperation with Facebook and AMAZON cloud server design department. As a enthusiastic developer of the EOS.IO system (currently the fastest public chain with the fastest computing speed), he organized EOSTAIWAM-a community of more than 2,000 people and hundreds of EOS DAPP developers, and he has worked with people from Australia, Hangzhou, Partners in Beijing have jointly developed DAPP on EOS.IO such as EOSWORLDMAP, LELEGO, LUCKYBOX, IDAC, etc., and continue to work hard on the public chain system.

Dennis Chen

Founding partner
Serial Entrepreneur
Fitness Enthusiast

Eric Hsieh

Managing Partner
Eric comes from a traditional financial industry background and holds a CFA license and an actuary license. Prior to joining Red House Capital, Eric was responsible for managing tens of millions of dollars in assets at UBS Wealth Management, a Swiss bank in Singapore. Earlier he held actuarial related positions in MetLife, and the investment department of Nanshan Life Insurance in Taiwan was responsible for the management of assets and liabilities. So in addition to investment, a considerable degree of experience in statistical actuarial and risk management. Eric believes that through Red Mansion Capital, it is possible to find outstanding targets in global high-tech fields such as artificial intelligence, 5G, the Internet and blockchain, and use past investment and risk management experience to create greater value and returns in the future, and attract more Multi-technology and investors create a complete high-tech ecosystem.

Alex Chou

Head of Business Development
Alex is an experienced business and technical manager with solid background in IoT, wireless connectivity, smart home, PC, mobile phone and automotive industry. While working for Texas Instruments, Alex has taken multiple manager positions such as mega account manager, business development manager, and distribution business manager. He was responsible for the biggest OEM customers and cloud service providers worldwide including Amazon, Google, DELL, and HP. Whie working for HTC, Alex was a technical project manager for the HTC blockchain phone project Exodus. He established strategic partnerships with numerous key industry players including Opera, Simplex, Blockfolio, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Nodle and Numbers. With Alex’s cross-industry experience between traditional tech giant and emerging blockchain tech, he believes that blockchain revolution is inevitable and he can help facilitate the blockchain future.

Jake Li

Crypto Analyst
Jake is an experienced crypto investor and author of multiple blockchain related publications. His publications focus on investing and technical aspects of crypto and can be found on amazon. Prior to joining Red Building, Jake worked as a project manager at BitFunance, a media platform focusing on blockchain news. Jake also co-founded BitTimes, a blockchain consulting firm providing blockchain advisory services to crypto projects and enterprises wishing to integrate blockchains. With Jake’s blockchain knowledge and expertise, he can help accelerate Red Building’s portfolio companies with internal and external resources.

Tommy Chang

Head of Research
Tommy joined Red Building as an investment associate focusing on venture fund and token fund. Prior to joining Red Building, Tommy co-founded Block Panther, an ICO investing platform that serves thousands of users worldwide. He was also a product manager at Quanta Computer and delivered 8 server products to clients including Dropbox, Uber, and Microsoft generating over 2M USD in revenue during his time there. Tommy graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.A. in business.

Logan Lo

Lead Developer
Before joining Red Building, Logan was in charge of SAAS products development and IT infrastructure. As a senior backend developer, he has finished various ERP modules in Logic Solutions for clients including Nippon China and TSMC. He’s built Poker system earning stable profit in gaming company. Logan also co-founded Pymlo Accounting in 2015 and was their lead developer. His solid development and DevOps experience ensures Red Building’s investment targets meet high technical standards. Logan graduated from National Taiwan University with M.A. in Communication Engineering.

Peco Chang

Crypto Analyst
Peco had a decade of experience as an APAC sourcing manager and procurement for CapEx Projects in Corning/ USI Group/ CTCI Corporation. He built strategic suppliers relationships and conducted logical cost analysis. Proven success in the areas of CapEx project and supply chain management in cross-industry fields of glass science/ chemistry/ EPC to deliver the annual saving of $7+million in spending through implementation of cost saving strategies and process improvement. When he studied the Bitcoin’s whitepaper, he was amazed by its decentralized nature and the security of the Bitcoin network. Peco believes that blockchain technology could disrupt various industries including supply chain management, financial industry, and even government system.

Zizen Chang

Community consultant
Zizen is co-founder of moonpool & co-founder of BitTimes. Early crypto enthusiastist, investing in more than 40 projects himself since 2016. He's been focusing on research of both crypto investments and technical real use cases such as decentralized applications, wallets, and mining. Dedicating to building communities, he share his experience and knowledge as a blockchain evangelist. Zizen currently manages blockchain communities on Facebook and LINE, which have more than 25,000 active users.